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About ÇEİS

Cement Industry Employers’ Association (ÇEİS); is founded in 1964 with the aim of improving and looking after members’ interests and mutual rights, supporting their efficiency, managing collective bargaining process, raising the awareness of occupational safety and health in industrial relations. ÇEİS not only takes actions in the field of industrial relations and human resources but carries out the activities of occupational safety and health, occupational standards, vocational qualifications and statistical researches. As of today, 64 cement plants owned by 32 companies operating in cement sector. Members, are being represented by ÇEİS both in domestic and international platforms.


Law and Industrial Relations
Member companies specific;
– Group collective agreement negotiations
– Legal consultancy
– Tracking of developments in labour law
– Generating work life related employer opinions
– Labour law and industrial relations related activities
– Compensation Survey Report Project

Occupational Safety and Health
Member companies specific;
– Cement Industry OSH Training Center
– World Day for Safety and Health at Work activities
– Guidelines on occupational safety and health
– Five Star Occupational Safety And Health Audit
– Health Surveillance Project
– ÇEİS OHSAS 18001 Project

OSH Awards 

– Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, Best Employer Award,
– Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, 7th International Conference on OSH, 2014 Award
– Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, 8th International Conference on Occupational Safety and Health, 2016 Award
– Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Innovation Award, 2018

Vocational Training – Vocational Qualification 

Cement industry specific
– ÇEİS Test and Certification Center (ÇESBEM)
– Occupational standards and vocational qualifications
– Vocational training in cooperation with Kocaeli University

EU Projects
– Establishment of Vocational Testing and Certification System in Turkish Cement Industry (CemenTTest)
– Work and Career Support for Young People (Kari-Des)
– Cementing Training Institutions: A New Approach To Mobility (CEMTINET)

– Senior Executive Development Program in cooperation with Koç University
– ÇEİS Leadership Development Program in cooperation with Sabancı University
– Basic Concepts of Industrial Relations for Technical Managers
– HR Masters in collaboration with PERYÖN
– Human Resources Specialist Program in cooperation with Boğaziçi University

Statistics and Research 

– Occupational Health and Safety
– Human Resources
– Wage
– Employment